Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Obesity is affecting adults and children in the world.
BMI = weight(kg) / height (m2)
BMI of 30 or greater is categorized under obese.
Food consumption in developing and industrialized countries is increasing every year.

Causes of Obesity
1. Overeating
2. Sedentary lifestyle
3. Physiological factor
4. Genetic
5. Smoking
6. Medication and drug
7. Environment factor: fast food, busy lifestyle, video gaming

Problems Associated with Obesity
1. Respiratory problems
2. Heartburn
3. Menstrual irregularity
4. Sleep apnea
5. Depression
6. Cardiovascular diseases
7. Muscle skeletal problems
8. Venous stasis disease
9. Loss of urine control
10. Infertility

Prevention of Obesity
1. Choose healthy food
2. Prevent overeating
3. Reduce alcohol intake
4. Regular exercise
5. Take Balance and variety meal
6. Minimize fat in meal preparation
7. Reduce sugar intake such
8. Maintain healthy body weight
9. Practice good eating habit since childhood
10. Promote breast feeding


  1. Lemme suggest another prevention method:

    11) THINK! Think a lot! Think a heaven lot!
    Use the brain every second, every minute... will keep u BUSY (and stay away from chewing just anything in ur mouth), plus the brain gonna burn all the calories for energy...

    Think 'L' from Death Note ^^

  2. Thx for the
    Definitely another way to burn calories...haha
    Stress has caused me to gain weight,I should think more from now...haha

  3. lol...I drop by because of Elaine =_= She maybe worry I too skinny so can take advice of gaining weight from here....

    10. Promote breast feeding~~~really helps? =X

  4. hehe...thx for deopping by ^.^
    Breast feeding helps to reduce risk of later becomming obese in a child by more than 40%.

  5. Oh My! i think i am under weight....
    Anyway, still thinking if i should put the "prevention of obesity" a side, maybe can help me grow? >.<

  6. I heard a suggestion from a television programme. It promotes game which involve body movements. Such as dancing, Wii...and stuff like that. I think it's not a bad idea since most people now don't exercise much. Moving around while playing games should help prevent obesity. =)

  7. In regard of healthy food, does eating organic foods significantly help to prevent diabetes? :-)

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